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Thales acquires Imperva

In early December, Thales announced the completion of its acquisition of Imperva, previously announced in July. The deal is valued at $4.6 billion. This is part of Thales’ building a broad portfolio in IT security, started in 2019 with the acquisition of Gemalto. Since then, the DIS (Digital Identity and Security) division has become an increasingly significant source of revenue for the group.

Software developed by Imperva includes products for securing applications and data locally, in the cloud, and in hybrid installations. Its offerings include WAF (Web Application Firewall), DDoS Protection, Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), bot management, ATO (Account Takeover) account protection, analytical tools, among others. Data security software includes data activity monitoring (DAM), data risk analysis, data masking, securing disk resources.

The acquisition creates considerable synergy potential. However, as usual for organizations of this size, unifying the offering and realizing this potential will take years of work, But as the earlier Gemalto acquisition shows, Thales is capable of successful acquisitions.