Hardware malfunction report

The following procedure applies exclusively to equipment operating within Poland. For installations abroad, in case of malfunction, please contact us by writing to pomoc.techniczna@cryptotech.com.pl with details provided.

After recognizing a defect in the sold goods, please follow the steps below:

1. Report the product’s malfunction in one of the following ways: 

2. Download and complete the repair request form provided here according to the instructions received. 

3. Deliver the damaged goods along with the repair request to CryptoTech in the previously agreed manner. 

4. Goods without a completed repair request will not be accepted for repair. 

5. If the repair request is found to be unjustified (the goods are functional), the requester bears the costs of inspection and return shipping – minimum 50 PLN net. 

6. The standard repair time is 14 days from the date of delivery to the CryptoTech of the defective device along with the completed repair request form. In special cases, the repair time may be extended to allow for the necessary parts or components to be sourced from the manufacturer.