Installation and deployment

Many of the e-security solutions offered by us are based on technologies and products that can be applied independently within the existing systems of our clients. These products vary in complexity, and some of them are well-suited for standalone installation and configuration by qualified personnel from the client, integrator, or a third-party company providing system support services to the client. However, a significant portion of information security solutions are not yet widely popular, and the knowledge required for optimal, secure, and effective installation and configuration of such technologies is not readily available. In such cases, we offer installation and configuration services in the client’s or integrator’s environment provided by our qualified consultants who deal with these types of solutions on a daily basis.

Often, our clients’ systems are already integrated with the products and technologies we offer, and the client’s interest lies solely in the efficient and proper installation of additional copies of devices or software (e.g., within another branch/department of a bank). 

Installation services can be a component of other services (e.g., deployment or integration services) or can be an add-on to the products sold, limited only to the trouble-free setup of the products without broader integration services with other systems and applications owned by the client or implemented by the integrator.