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CryptoTech is a provider of e-security solutions and technologies. The company has extensive experience in cryptographic information protection and electronic card technologies. 

The company’s history dates back to 1998. Initially focused on designing, manufacturing, and implementing specialized computer devices for automation and control, the company evolved from issues related to magnetic, proximity, and chip card applications to solutions for the IT market and the utilization of modern cryptographic techniques for information protection. The extensive experience in electronic cards systems naturally transitioned into Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems. These two technologies complement each other excellently, enabling the design and implementation of information protection systems that ensure the highest level of security. 

The e-security systems designed and/or implemented by CryptoTech have been deployed in many IT installations throughout Poland across various markets. The company specializes in practical applications of cryptographic systems, utilizing software and hardware from global leaders. By focusing on a very narrow market segment, CryptoTech has achieved a high level of specialization in the practical utilization of existing technologies, particularly the PKI model. CryptoTech creates, integrates, deploys, and supports the development of advanced solutions for the needs of various third-party trusted services and clients working within the public key infrastructure. 

The company also conducts its own research and designs information protection systems based on the best available technologies worldwide. Elements of projects developed in-house fill gaps where there are very specific client requirements that cannot be met using typical products. The flexibility and speed in implementing unconventional projects distinguish the company in the market. 

The company is located in Krakow. The company is a team of designers, consultants, and engineers. A wide range of skills and international contacts enable the offering of a rich variety of specialized services. 

In recent times, a significant role in CryptoTech’s solutions played projects related to solutions for the electronic signature market (both regular and qualified), encompassing both PKI infrastructure and applications utilizing electronic signatures and components of such applications. The company offers complete solutions for organizations of various sizes, including certificate management systems, certificate validation, timestamping, notarization, and authentication. The company is capable of serving organizations of any size, as evidenced by its references: clients include individual users and small businesses as well as commercial certification centers, which are the largest and most complex installations of this type in Poland. The PKI infrastructure for three out of four companies operating in the Polish market that issue certificates for electronic signatures has been developed by specialists from CryptoTech. 

CryptoTech offers both ready-made solutions for end-users, such as the widely used CryptoCard Graphite electronic signature card (previously Carbon and multiSIGN), and actively collaborates with IT system integrators in providing consultancy, design, integration, deployment, and support for cryptographic information protection subsystems. 

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of our clients. 

CryptoTech utilizes the latest technologies to create efficient and innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs and financial capabilities of our clients. 

CryptoTech P.S.A

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