The optimal selection of problem-solving methods and achieving goals in the realm of information security requires highly specialized knowledge, familiarity with the market of solutions designed for such applications, and extensive experience in the practical utilization of available strategies, methods, tools, and products. For years, our company has specialized in implementing information security systems of varying complexity: from small-scale solutions for individual users to complex systems supported by highly developed organizational infrastructure (policies and procedures), and commercial certification authorities. As part of our advisory services, we assist in correctly defining the problem, specifying requirements, analyzing needs, legal regulations, organizational goals, technological standards, designing operational models, necessary policies and procedures, preparing implementation schedules, determining functional, system, and acceptance test strategies and specifications, preparing implementation, integration, pilot deployment, production deployment plans, system management and migration strategies and plans, and more. The scope of services offered is flexibly tailored to the needs and requirements of clients. In each of the detailed descriptions of the scope of services, it represents only a proposal of typical advisory areas, and the exact subject of the services is the result of mutual agreements regarding the client’s requirements and expectations and our capabilities. 

In addition to general areas typical for the construction of information security systems, we specialize particularly in several fields: 

  • Electronic signatures (especially qualified electronic signature issues) 
  • Electronic card systems 
  • Information security technologies and standards 
  • Organizational aspects of trusted third-party solutions (policies, procedures) 
  • Hardware information security measures (hardware cryptographic modules) 
  • PKI infrastructure and applications in the Microsoft Windows environment 

In the scope of services requiring certified and experienced specialists in risk analysis and implementation of information security management systems, we collaborate with our partners if the specific nature of the Project requires it. If needed, in cooperation with our partners, we offer services that go beyond our core competencies to include them within a single analytical project. These areas, bordering on our specialization, include network security, antivirus systems, power supply continuity, data backup management, and other areas related to the security of the functioning of information systems but not based on the use of cryptographic information security services.