Smart cards personalization

Smart cards personalization

One of the key elements in implementing electronic cards within an enterprise is the necessity to assign individual user and corporate characteristics to the electronic and physical aspects of the cards. 

Due to the complexity of card personalization solutions and the individual requirements of each client, such systems are designed, built, and delivered on demand. The personalization solutions offered by CryptoTech are characterized by the following features: 

  • The system can be centralized or distributed. This means that the management system, data input modules, card encoding devices, and printing devices can be located in one or multiple locations. A distributed system is particularly relevant when the client has multiple branches where cards are issued. 
  • Collaboration with client internal systems, e.g., for issuing electronic certificates. 
  • Various printing technologies on the cards – monochromatic thermal transfer printing, full-color thermal sublimation or retransfer printing. 
  • Single-sided and double-sided printing. 
  • Ability to modify printer software according to system requirements. 
  • Ability to personalize contact and contactless cards. 

CryptoTech builds personalization systems based on various models of card printers available on the market, with the most extensive experience in integrating printers from our partnerEvolisAs part of the implementation of personalization systems, we provide printers with standard or modified firmware tailored to the specific customer requirements.

One of the major projects in which CryptoTech was involved in recent years was the card personalization system for the Silesian Public Services Card (ŚKUP), which operated from 2015 to 2023. The system was based on a microprocessor-based contactless card used for payments for public transportation. 

In collaboration with TAG System, CryptoTech designed, built, implemented, and maintained a card personalization system for 8 years, which included a printing management module, a data exchange module, and printers with card encoders. During the project, the system personalized nearly 800,000 cards. 

CryptoTech was also the producer and supplier of dedicated applets for electronic signature handling for the ŚKUP system cards.