Smart cards

User Authentication

One of the functions of a cryptographic card is user authentication, which involves securely verifying the user’s identity. The card supports both simple proximity systems (optional) and solutions that require advanced authentication using a PIN code. CryptoCard works with many widely used card readers from manufacturers such as Identiv, Thales, HID, ACS, and many others.

Access Control and Login

CryptoCard enables the allocation of user access to physical objects (building or room) and information resources such as applications, operating systems, or corporate networks. The solution is easy to integrate with existing hardware and software infrastructure, resulting in convenient and secure “Single Sign-On” (SSO)

Secure Key Storage

CryptoCard ensures the durability, security, and resistance of cryptographic keys to unauthorized access attempts. A specialized operating system along with hardware features  create one of the safest environments for storing private keys and performing cryptographic operations. The key is not exposed outside the device, as in the case of traditional, less secure media such as hard drives or USB tokens.

Qualified Electronic Signature

CryptoCard Graphite is certified according to Common Criteria EAL4+ requirements for SSCD/QSCD compliant with eIDAS, allowing its use for qualified electronic signatures based on qualified public key certificates. This solution ensures compliance with the Electronic Signature Act and implements the legislative recommendations of the European Union. CryptoCard is part of solutions meeting the most stringent requirements for qualified electronic signatures.

Data Encryption

As a multi-application card, CryptoCard performs various encryption-related operations. In addition to securely transporting and storing private keys, the card is equipped with advanced software that allows cryptographic operations within a secure integrated circuit. Supported operations include encryption and decryption of DES, 3-DES, and RSA, ECC, RSA key generation, and RSA signature generation and verification.

Integration with PKI

The properties of CryptoCard make it an excellent fit for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The card’s software is based on the proven Java Card technology and cryptographic applications based on standards such as PKCS#11, PKCS#15, PC/SC, MS CAPI/CSP/CNG, and miniDriver. CryptoCard technology is continuously developed by CryptoTech and implemented in many significant security solutions.

Cards production

The card doesn’t have to be white. Many of our clients choose the option of offset printing, allowing for high-quality printing similar to credit cards. This type of printing is very durable and enhances the card’s aesthetics. If the card is a badge, this kind of printing simplifies card personalization. There are various options for both printing and card finishing, including metallic underlays, matte lamination, or making the card from colored plastic, which are particularly popular and impressive.