Needs analysis and design

This kind of services is present within the scope of our broader e-security consulting services offered, but they slightly exceed pure advisory services as the outcome of such services is a specific project addressing the problem/task defined by the client. 

Within these services, we do not limit ourselves to preparing a set of recommendations but take it one step further by preparing a solution project. With such a project in hand, the client can much more easily estimate costs, implementation time, and proceed to select a partner responsible for implementing the solution/system according to the provided project. This makes it easier to bypass typical pitfalls of tendering for solution delivery or implementing an integration project solely based on preliminary assumptions. 

We conduct a detailed analysis of needs, implementation methods, available market technologies and products, evaluate alternative solutions, present the advantages and disadvantages of different ways to address the client’s problem, and through close cooperation with competent client personnel, we are able to develop a technically, cost-wise, and time-wise acceptable concept. Based on the approved concept, we can prepare a general or detailed technical, organizational, and procedural project of the system that meets specified requirements, precisely specifying the architecture, functionality, assumed technologies, resource requirements, performance parameters, etc. 

The client receives a system project with an agreed level of detail, assumed technological neutrality (these can be only requirements for a given system component or a definition of a specific product and model, version, and necessary options).