Solution customization

Thanks to our extensive and in-depth engineering knowledge that goes far beyond the minimum required for selling products, we can offer our clients (both end-users and IT solution integrators) dedicated customization services to adapt selected products and technologies from our portfolio to specific or unconventional requirements related to the specifics of the IT system in which these products are intended to operate. 

The customization of solutions includes:

  • modification of software developed by CryptoTech, 
  • firmware modification (own solutions and third-party solutions to a limited extent), 
  • modification of hardware manufactured by CryptoTech, 
  • building hardware and/or software interfaces to fill the gap preventing or hindering the achievement of the required scope of cooperation between e-security technologies and user systems, 
  • building complementary functionalities (hardware or software) for integrated e-security technologies and products without interfering with the original software and/or hardware. 

Our team of designers, with years of experience in delivering custom solutions or resolving integration problems resulting from lack of interoperability, limitations, or flaws of individual products, can tackle very difficult and unconventional problems faced by our clients, leading to the achievement of business goals even when using slightly mismatched products and solutions. Such services are sometimes used as a temporary solution to compatibility issues with the client’s existing solutions until these discrepancies are resolved by the manufacturers, which usually requires much more time or costs more than utilizing CryptoTech services.