Technical support

Technical support

The technical support service means assistance in the operation of software, hardware, or systems. The scope of support is individually determined according to the client’s needs. We offer various forms of service, including: 

  • Phone consultations 
  • Contact via email 
  • Access to knowledge base 
  • Software updates 
  • Implementation assistance 

Support agreements can be either single orders or cover a defined period, e.g., one year. 


Service for clients expecting extended care for purchased goods, we offer a complete service. An experienced team of specialists, a diagnostic laboratory, and proven operational procedures enable us to provide comprehensive and professional support. 

The service agreement (SLA) precisely specifies the forms of assistance (hotline, email, on-site assistance, etc.), support conditions (reporting deadlines and methods, response times, tasks undertaken, etc.), and any other components of the service. For clients requiring the highest system availability we provide replacement equipment.