CryptoTech P.S.A.

Puszkarska 7H street
30-644 Kraków

Building C in the B4B Bonarka, second floor.

KRS: 0001010424
Sąd Rejonowy dla Krakowa-Śródmieścia w Krakowie XI Wydz. Gosp.
Share capital: 3 920 000,00 PLN
NIP: 677-21-82-381     REGON: 356357350

How to contact us ?

tel:  +48 12 260 9292

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Other issues:

Parking area

1. Guest parking is located directly next to the building where the CryptoTech office is located (limited number of spaces). When entering the parking area, a parking card must be collected from the machine. The exit from the parking lot is located on the other side of the buildings of the Bonarka4Business office complex. The exit ramp is activated by inserting the previously downloaded parking card.

2. An alternative, larger parking area is located in the basement of Galeria Bonarka (large number of parking spaces). From the parking level, go to the gallery level and, after exiting the main exit of Galeria Bonarka, walk through the vast plaza located between the gallery and the complex of office buildings, towards the chimney where the entrance to the building is located (CryptoTech’s office is located on the second floor).

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