Technical support

Technical support

We offer our customers the option of a wide range of technical support services. The scope and nature of the assistance is appropriately tailored to the varied requirements and needs of our clients.

Technical support

Technical support service guarantees assistance in the operation of your software, hardware or systems. The scope of support is determined individually, according to the needs of the client. We offer various forms of service, including

  • telephone consultations
  • contact via e-mail
  • access to IT knowledge base
  • software updates
  • implementation assistance

The support contracts can be either a single order or for a defined period of time, such as one year.


For customers who expect extended care of purchased goods, we offer maintenance service. An experienced team of specialists, a diagnostic laboratory and reliable operating procedures allow us to provide comprehensive and professional support.

The contracted service agreement (SLA) precisely specifies the forms of assistance (hotline, e-mail, on-site assistance, etc.), the terms of support (deadlines and mode of reporting, response time, work undertaken, etc.) and any other components of the service. Customers requiring the highest priorities in terms of time and service are provided with replacement equipment.

Additionally, users of our products have the opportunity to benefit from free forms of contact, support, and technical assistance, such as:


Hardware malfunction report

Software download



For detailed information about the service, please send an email to

Please report technical problems via the contact form.