Solution integration

To aim goals such as:

  • aximizing effectiveness, 
  • minimizing administrative costs, 
  • simplifying the implementation of information security solutions, 

our clients can cooperate with the CryptoTech team in integrating systems to leverage our extensive experience and knowledge in the comprehensive implementation of specific products. 

Typical integration areas include:

  • dedicated registration and identification systems, 
  • integration of identification, authorization, access control, and audit systems with third-party solutions and clients’ own applications, 
  • enhancing the security of clients’ existing proprietary applications or third-party solutions, 
  • implementing extended user management systems and broadly understood system security features 

Narrow specialization in technologies and products related to system and application security, as well as years of experience in implementing commercial systems with the highest security requirements, using most typical platforms, applications, hardware solutions, and procedural solutions, guarantee the delivery of secure and optimally tailored solutions. The scope of such services and the way they are delivered are adjusted each time to specific business requirements to ensure project success. Only the effective implementation of well-defined and addressed business needs gives a chance for real success of the complex undertaking of integrating functional aspects of any client systems with the appropriate scope and level of security in implementing individual services. It is worth emphasizing that the maximum technologically possible level of security of integrated solutions is not always (and rather very rarely) the optimal level due to the actual business needs of clients, their organizational capabilities, the environment in which they operate, and other non-technical aspects. 

In the case of projects beyond CryptoTech’s specialization, we closely collaborate with the client’s teams or other integrators involved in the project, or we expand our competencies with the skills of our partners specializing in integration services related to other technologies. Integration services are provided within the defined strategy and project implementation plan, in close cooperation with the client’s or integrator’s personnel regarding the placement of these services within a precisely planned full integration project, one component of which is the information security subsystem.