Every security system consists equally of a high-quality concept, appropriately selected measures, and professional implementation. Our company is focused on collaboration with IT system integrators as well as direct interaction with end customers. Some of our offered products require professional design services, installation, and user training. Thanks to strong support for recognized standards, methods, and cryptographic protocols, the products in our offer can independently provide specific protection services or be components of advanced security systems.

Smart cards

Electronic card systems of various functional parameters and different levels of security. We offer full support in designing and implementing card systems of any complexity in cooperation with leading card manufacturers and providers of personalized card issuance devices.


USB tokens

USB tokens are devices that combine the functions of a reader and an electronic card. They are typically compact, portable devices used to secure access to computer systems, digitally sign documents, and other applications requiring a high level of security. 


Middleware software

Middleware software for electronic cards is a component whose main task is integration and communication between applications and electronic cards, enabling access to their cryptographic functions. 


Smart card readers

Smart card readers are essential devices providing communication between the card and the computer. In our offer, you will find various models of card readers from leading global manufacturers. Thanks to the variety of interfaces and sizes, everyone will find a suitable model for their requirements. 


Hardware security modules (HSM)

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are specialized devices dedicated to protecting cryptographic operations and sensitive data. HSMs are a crucial tool in the field of cryptography and security, providing assurance regarding the secure storage and management of sensitive cryptographic keys sensitive.


Software development tools

Tools for implementing cryptographic methods to protect information in computer systems. We offer comprehensive environments for a wide range of programming languages and systems, enabling the adaptation of existing applications to comply with security standards and specialized hardware modules.