CryptoCard Graphite USB Token

CryptoCard Graphite cards can be supplied in the form of a USB key/token. Such a convenient form for selected applications is also quite attractive in terms of price and functionally built on the basis of a small smart card reader in the form of a USB key and a CryptoCard Graphite card in ID-000 (SIM) format. Together, they are the functional equivalent of USB tokens/keys found on the market of other companies, but are characterized by greater flexibility, lower price, ease of hardware upgrade, but most of all they are based on proven and certified security of electronic card circuits in contrast to many of the less secure solutions of proprietary USB key manufacturers found on the market. Only top-of-the-line USB keys are using exactly the same processors as PKI smart cards but they are permanently bonded with them, not allowing them to be freely replaced in the future as CryptoCard Graphite USB Token allows.

The CryptoCard Graphite Token has identical functional features as the CryptoCard Graphite card in combination with a smart card reader with a USB interface.