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Discount on CryptoCard Graphite for our clients

CryptoCard PKI cards were introduced in our offer in 2000, CryptoCard multiSIGN cards in 2003 and CryptoCard Carbon cards in 2011. These cards are still used today by many of our customers. In 2019, we released our newest card, the CryptoCard Graphite, which is the successor to the previous cards. Nowadays, when operating systems, standards and market requirements are changing faster and faster, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain backward compatibility of new software with older products.

Supporting previous card types in new versions of the software we provide is a considerable burden that affects the performance and flexibility of subsequent versions of the CryptoCard Suite. What’s more, older cards are used by a decreasing group of users, although the workload to provide support for such products is still similar. We want to focus on developing new functionality and on supporting new versions of operating systems, including widely used current products.

Therefore, we have decided to withdraw support for older cards gradually from subsequent software versions.

For customers who still have our older cards, we have prepared the possibility of replacing their cards with modern CryptoCard Graphite cards, on attractive terms.

Special offer prepared for our clients, working in accordance with the following principles:

  • each user of the CryptoCard Carbon, CryptoCard multiSING or CryptoCard PKI card is entitled to purchase the CryptoCard Graphite card under special conditions,
  • the promotion also includes hybrid cards,
  • the user has the right to purchase a maximum of as many Graphite cards as many cards of older types he currently uses,
  • it is required to provide the serial numbers of the cards in your possession,
  • special discount of 30%,
  • the number of cards available in the promotion is limited,
  • promotion includes white cards,
  • we grant a one-year warranty only on the smart card.

Product page CryptoCard Graphite

Customers who are interested in this special offer, please specify the number of cards and serial numbers in an email sent to sklep@cryptotech.com.pl.