uTrust FIDO2 NFC token

Identiv’s uTrust FIDO2 NFC keys provide simple, strong authentication that eliminates the need for passwords. The keys allow consumers, businesses and government agencies to replace passwords with a secure, fast, scalable and cost-effective login solution.

The keys are available in two versions: USB-A and USB-C. Both models are equipped with an NFC interface, making it possible to use the key on NFC-enabled mobile devices.

The keys support the FIDO2, FIDO U2F, PIV, TOTP, HOTP and WebAuth protocols enabling strong multi-component authentication and eliminating the need for passwords. In addition, the uTrust FIDO2 NFC+ key can be configured as a Windows 10 login device and will function as a smart card with a certificate.

The keys work with everyday devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, and allow secure logins to many services and sites such as Gmail, Facebook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc. (check the list of services and sites that work with uTrust FIDO2 NFC keys  https://www.identiv.com/fido-listing)

The uTrust FIDO2 NFC keys are certified by the FIDO Alliance. The cryptographic security model eliminates the risk of pshing, password theft and hacking attacks. The cryptographic keys used for logging are stored on the device and are unique to each website, meaning they cannot be used to track users.



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