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About Us

CryptoTech provides solutions, products, and systems to protect information assets. The company has solid experience in cryptographic technologies and smart cards systems and delivers versatile solutions that serve to provide maximum security in various and complex environments. Solutions designed and integrated by CryptoTech serve in many IT systems across the whole spectrum of Polish market. We have become experts in smart card, HSM, digital signature and broader PKI technology deployments.

The company focuses on practical implementation of cryptographic systems for high-end markets and demanding customers. Our solutions are based on technologies from e-security market leaders, supported by own development and customization. We have reached a high degree of specialization in e-security technologies while conducting extensive and successful research and new solution development. Flexibility and speed of realization of most complicated projects make us an valuable partner and e-security solutions provider in the market.

We include many of new and leading technologies into our scope of expertise with MIFARE, UHF RFID, NFC and other contactless based solutions accompanying traditional contact smart cards.

The company is located in Cracow (Poland) and hosts small team of developers, consultants and engineers with over 25 years of experience in building trusted security solutions. Our extensive skills and valuable international partners enable us to provide a broad range of additional services related to smart card, RFID tags, smart card readers and HSMs.

Close cooperation with IT systems integrators increase our potential with benefits to our clients. CryptoTech has been growing steadily and aims to extend its offer for e-security markets in Poland and abroad.

Among our technology partners are Verizon, Entrust, Microsoft, nCipher, Thales, RSA Security, HID, Identiv, Gemalto, ACS

CryptoTech P.S.A.

Puszkarska Street 7H
30-644 Cracow, Poland

tel.: +4812 260 9292
fax: +4812 260 9226

Sąd Rejonowy dla Krakowa-Śródmieścia w Krakowie XI Wydz.Gosp.

Kapitał zakładowy: 3 920 000,00 PLN - wpłacony w całości